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1-20 layers of FPC sampling, mass production services. Sample shipping 24 hours without expedited fees, using genuine A-grade boards, adhering to the factory's self operated production mode, ensuring quality reliability and stability.

FPCB (Flexible Circuit Board) is a widely used connector material in electronic products, which is usually used in the production of high-end electronic products. Shenzhen Cabol Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of electronic products, and also an excellent FPCB service provider, with many years of industry experience and successful cases. The FPCB services of Cabol Technology Co., Ltd. mainly include design, production, testing and installation. The company has a team of high-quality and professional technical personnel who are proficient in the design and manufacturing process of FPCB and possess rich industry experience and skills. In the modern production workshop, Cabol Technology Co., Ltd. has high-precision automatic production equipment and advanced production technology, which can meet the needs and requirements of different customers, and also greatly improve the production efficiency and product accuracy.

In FPCB services, design is a very important aspect. The technicians of Cabol Technology Co., Ltd. have many years of experience in circuit board design, and can design various complex circuit boards to achieve different Functional requirement. The company's design services fully consider the needs of customers and design needs, providing the most effective services for customers. Cabol Technology Co., Ltd. makes full use of modern design technology and materials to find the best balance in cost, accuracy and robustness.

Cabol Technology Co., Ltd. has independent standards and procedures for FPCB production, testing and installation. The company adopts internationally recognized FPCB production processes and equipment, which can produce various types of FPCB to meet the different needs of customers. The company's